Video presentation of the apartment for trainees in International Geneva


How do you set up a shared apartment, to make living together easier and feel "at home" in Meyrin?
This video tells us how Audrey Lecomte set up this apartment.

Spatial thinking

When it comes to designing a shared apartment, it's essential to find ways of fostering communal living while respecting each individual's privacy. Audrey Lecomte, an architect specializing in the second life of materials, tackled this issue by using a unique numbering system for each room. Instead of traditional numbering, each room is represented by a small picto that can be found on dressing room cupboards, toothbrush cups, kitchen cupboards, and even on refrigerator and freezer shelves. This approach makes roommates feel at home, while fostering communication and community living.

The choice of furniture

The choice of furniture in this shared apartment stems directly from the spatial considerations. Audrey Lecomte favors the design of opportunity, which means she looks for unique and interesting pieces that fit perfectly into the space. For example, the discovery of a particular table has been a major element of this flat-share, as it serves as a communication point for sharing tips, addresses and decorating touches. The apartment is full of little offbeat touches that give it a warm, unique atmosphere.

Specific zones for each flatmate

Audrey Lecomte also took care to create specific zones for each flatmate so that they could make their own space. Shelves and bulletin boards have been installed to enable flatmates to personalize their rooms with objects and pocket books. This approach creates a special, welcoming atmosphere that we hope will bring the same pleasure to future residents as it did to Audrey when she prepared the apartment.

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