Villa Braillard: restauration work is in progress


The Villa Boccard was built in 1937-1938 according to the plans of the architect Maurice Braillard. It has the particularity of having preserved some of the decorations and furniture created by the architect. The building is preserved and listed, MS-c266, Council of State, 30.5.2012.

The restoration work has three main objectives in order to preserve its heritage while adapting it to contemporary needs:


Conserving, enhancing and perpetuating the unique architectural heritage of the villa

The analysis of the architect's documents, stratigraphic surveys, expert reports as well as exchanges with the “Monuments and Sites Service” allowed a good understanding of the villa, the architectural choices, and the interior fittings.

 Upgrading to technical standards and thermal improvements

Improving thermal performance and bringing technical installations up to standard

The roof has been insulated, double glazing is installed, the oil boiler is replaced by a connection to the CAD. The electrical, sanitary and pipe installations are also brought up to today’s standard.


Adapt the program and open the house to the public

The Terra & Casa Foundation's desire is to open this listed building to the public and thus make this exceptional place known to a greater number of people. 

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